Last month I bought my Mum a Nutribullet for her birthday, and I thought it might be worthwhile letting you know what I thought about it.  The Nutribullet team do a great job of advertising, but it’s always good to find out whether a product actually lives up to the hype.

In terms of construction, it’s a very well made product and it churns through nuts and seeds easily which is more than I can say for the blender I have at home which leaves whole frozen berries in my smoothies sometimes.  It’s definitely worth keeping in mind though that the nutribullet is essentially just a blender, as opposed to a “nutrition extraction machine” as advertised.

It’s easy to assemble and comes with different sized cups and lids which makes it a great option for taking your blend to work with you in the morning. My Mum wanted her machine to make healthy afternoon snacks for when she gets home from work, which helps her avoid the tea and biscuit temptation of the afternoon.

The way it’s suggested that you make your nutriblast (aka smoothie) is to fill your cup with 50% green leafy vegetables, 50% fruit, and then add a boost of something like pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, or anything else packed with nutrition. My favourite combination included other green veggies like celery or cucumber, and also a date or two for sweetness. Initially when you’re not used to healthy green drinks, it’s ok to try and make it a bit sweeter and then work your way towards more veggies and less fruit once your taste buds are used to the healthy green flavours.

Overall I think a Nutribullet is a great addition to the family kitchen as it encourages more fresh produce which is always a good thing.  The high level of fruit isn’t as much of an issue when blended as opposed to juiced because the fibre is still there to balance the high sugar content of the fruit. I don’t believe the marketing hype about the food being broken down to extract the nutrients because realistically our digestive system should be doing this when we eat anyway if it’s functioning well.  But overall still a great little machine that takes up very little space but helps promote health eating, so it gets the tick of approval from me.  I’m even considering getting my own soon.

Have you tried a Nutribullet before? What did you think?