Remedial Massage St Leonards

Remedial Massage St Leonards

Did you know we offer remedial massage at St Leonards with Lisa? Lisa has a background in occupational therapy, that, combined with her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice has given her an excellent understanding of human anatomy and musculoskeletal issues. Lisa is qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Massage can assist in the treatment of many different conditions, including but not limited to anxiety, stress, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, muscular knots and joint issues. Massage has both physical and mental benefits.

Some physical benefits include;

Decreased pain

53 hospital in-patients with varying diagnoses received 30 min massage therapy sessions throughout their hospital stay. Their pain level was recorded before and after the massage. The mean pain level prior to massage was 5.18. The mean pain level after massage was 2.33, this shows a significant reduction in pain. On top of reduced pain levels the patients self-reported improved sleep quality and emotional wellbeing (1).

Decreased blood pressure 

A study of adults with hypertension saw a decrease in diastolic blood pressure after 10 x 30 minute massages over the course of 5 weeks. This study also saw in a decline in the participants cortisol levels (2). Another study reviewed blood pressure before and after a 15 minute seated massage. The results showed a significant reduction in the participants diastolic and systolic blood pressure (3)

Strengthened immunity

A single case experimental study saw 2 participants receive a massage on allocated days and no treatment on other days. On the massage treatment days it was found that there was an increase in the participants T and B lymphocytes and serum IgG, there was no change in levels on non-treatment days. Anxiety levels were also reduced on treatment days (4). T lymphocytes destroy the body’s own cells that have been invaded by viruses or cancer. B lymphocytes produce antibodies to attack invading disease.

Some mental benefits include;

Decreased stress levels

A literature review of the impact of massage therapy on stress found that there is a beneficial effect. Salivary cortisol levels and heart rate were measured pre and post massage and both were found to be modestly reduced following massage treatment (5).

Decreased anxiety

A quantitative research study demonstrated a single session of massage  reduced anxiety and multiple sessions over a longer period significantly reduced anxiety to an impressive degree in adults. The same study observed a reduction in depression following multiple sessions of massage therapy (6).


The skin is full of nerve receptors, when touched the nerves in the skin communicate with the brain to provide sensation, it is thought that touch can induce relaxation.

A study divided individuals into 3 groups. Group 1 received a 10 minute moderate pressure head and neck massage, Group 2 a softer 10 minute head and neck massage and Group 3, no massage. Heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) were measured before and after the massage. HRV has a higher variation when the body is relaxed. The results showed that those who received a massage (groups 1 and 2) had a lower HR and a higher HRV than those in group 3. There was no obvious difference in HRV between groups 1 and 2. Those in group 1 and 2 reported feeling less stressed after the treatment (7).

Further benefits

A google search will highlight many more benefits of massage but unfortunately there is limited high quality research into this. I have only discussed benefits that are evidence based for this post though more research on these is also warranted.

Whatever the issue and whether you are looking to reap the above benefits with a firm massage or a lighter touch, a remedial massage at St Leonards can meet your needs. Remedial massage might be appropriate if you are experiencing muscles tension and knots.

Remedial massage includes relaxing Swedish massage techniques as well as firmer deep tissue and trigger point therapy. If you are after something relaxing, a hot stone massage* may appeal. With her background, Lisa can add the TCM modalities of cupping, gua sha or acupuncture to your massage to take it to the next level and help achieve the best possible results for you. We look forward to seeing for you a massage at St Leonards soon.

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*No health fund rebates for hot stone massage