As promised, here’s a post for the guys to celebrate men’s health during Movember.  I work with a lot of women who are trying to conceive, but often their significant others forget to come in for treatment as well.  Men are 50% of the equation when it comes to a creating a healthy baby, so sperm health definitely needs to be a priority.

Many sperm problems are actually fairly easy to rectify, so men don’t need to be afraid about seeking help to make their swimmer’s as fit and healthy as possible.  It’s the genetic material you’re passing on to your new baby, so it’s worth a little effort for such a big gain.  Clinically, it often takes as little as 3 months to make quite a big difference to sperm health.  Below are my top 3 tips for improving sperm quality.

1. Go natural and organic!  Removing a lot of the chemicals from your life can make a big difference to sperm health.  They’re quite fragile and are easily damaged by the chemicals we’re exposed to, whether that be through food or cleaning products, or quite often for men, through the workplace. I recommend changing your cleaning and personal care products to non-toxic ones, such as the ones available through my favourite site: click here.

2. Sperm Supplements.  There are particular nutrients that are relevant for sperm health, such as selenium, zinc, and vitamin C.  A male multivitamin that is targeted at sperm health is an easy way to get the nutrients required for strong and healthy sperm. Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant, is also amazing for sperm health.

3. Keep away from your mobile.  There is evidence to suggest that mobile phones may have an impact on sperm health.  Studies have shown a decrease in motility when sperm is exposed to mobile phone radiation, as well as higher DNA fragmentation. Keeping mobile phones away from your body where possible may be helpful, as well as turning off your wifi at night while sleeping.

If there’s a man in your life that could benefit from a little sperm health info, feel free to send him the link to this post so he can educate himself and work towards improving his sperm health for better babies.