I have a confession to make.

I’m one of those sappy people who really love Christmas. The twinkly lights, the Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped gifts, and the massive oversupply of delicious food. It’s definitely a favourite time of year for me, especially when the weather is sunny and warm.

This year I noticed while planning my Christmas shopping, that I generally like to give gifts that promote good health, whether that’s physical or mental wellbeing. So I thought I’d put together a little list of my top gifts to give to the health conscious special people in your life (or maybe a sneaky little gift to put under the tree for yourself too!). The best part? These gifts are fairly budget conscious and won’t break the bank if you have a large family.

1.The Daily Dream Creator (2017 limited edition planner) $42.95 Daily Dream Creator

Beautifully designed, colourful, and perfect for the organised person in your life (or perhaps the person who needs to be more organised 😉






2. The Life Workbook by Leonie Dawson $21.95 printed or $9.95 eBook 2017 Life Workbook

For the creative in your life who likes to draw and scrapbook their ideas into reality. A great tool to craft your perfect life. I use the business version, called The Biz Workbook.






3. Flora & Fauna Wheat Bag $34.95 Wheat Bag

For aching muscles at the end of a long day, you can’t beat a wheat bag. This one has cute cockatoos on the cover, so it makes a great gift for friends & family visiting from overseas.



4. Hanging Gardens Planter $20

Hanging PlanterFor the nature lover in your life. These planters can hold a small plant or herb bunch on the kitchen window. They also come in packs of 2 for $30






5. Hand Blown Tea & Coffee Traveller Cup $31.95 Glass Travel Mug

Now that you’re aware of how bad BPA toxins are for your health thanks to this post, you’ll love being able to gift a travel mug that’s made of health safe glass. It’s also gorgeous, which doesn’t hurt!





6. Living Nature Normal Skin Set $65.47 Living Nature Skin Set

I’m a big fan of this New Zealand skincare brand. I use their moisturisers to ensure I’m not absorbing any nasties into my system. Made with all natural products and plants native to NZ, with manuka honey for it’s antibacterial properties. Even their packaging is BPA free and designed to be easily recycled.




7. Burton Health Tea Club Subscription $99 for 3 months of deliveries. Burton Health Tea Club

Your loved one will receive a special package each month of lovingly crafted naturopathic herbal teas. It’s one of those gifts that will keep on giving!





8. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte US$22 The Desire Map

I bought The Desire Map for myself a couple of years ago, and it was full of aha moments the whole way through. It’s all about making your goals based on how you want to feel, not on a specific goal outcome.