Herbal Soup Mix


A sweet tasting herbal soup mixture to boost immunity and calm anxiety.

In Chinese culture it is commonplace to add herbs to the diet through soups. This mixture contains 10 different herbs that are useful for building immune strength, and also calming anxiety.

Add the whole packet of herbs to a large pot of boiling water. Simmer for 30 minutes. Add your meat of choice (try 1/2 a chicken, or any meat with bones so that you get maximum nutritional benefit) with a big pinch of salt. Simmer for a further 30 minutes. Then add garlic cloves and diced fresh ginger to taste. Add vegetables of choice (such as carrots, turnips, celery etc) and continue to simmer for a further 30-60 minutes. Top up the water as needed. When the meat is falling off the bone, take the soup off the heat and remove the bones and large pieces of herbs. The small herbs will have softened and be edible. The flavour will sweet and delicious.

Freeze any leftover soup and enjoy regularly to keep your immune system healthy.

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