No matter what your health concern, at Kim Gatenby Acupuncture, we'll pin you back together!

Initial Appointment

60 minutes duration
  • If it is your first time seeing Kim, this is the appropriate appointment for you. Duration is roughly 1 hour (sometimes longer if needed) and will allow time to discuss your health concerns as well as include an acupuncture treatment and/or herbal prescription.

Initial Fertility Consultation

90 minutes duration
  • Designed especially for patients wanting to improve chances of conception, this appointment goes for 1.5 hours and allows plenty of time to discuss your history, and also includes acupuncture and herbal/nutritional advice. Supplements and herbal medicine are an additional fee.

Standard Appointment

45 minutes duration
  • Standard acupuncture appointments run for 45 minutes and are best for general follow-up appointments. They include time to discuss your ongoing care, as well as an acupuncture treatment, and herbal prescription if needed.

Long Appointment

60 minutes duration
  • Long appointments are best if you need to discuss a new health concern after a break from treatment, or both sides of your body are normally treated during an acupuncture session.

Herbal Medicine Consultation

30 minutes duration
  • Herbal medicine consultations can be booked for a follow-up appointment (if you’re a new patient please book the Initial Consultation). Your health concerns will be discussed, and an appropriate herbal formula will be made for you, at additional cost. Repeat formulas do not always need an appointment, please discuss with Kim during your session.

At Kim Gatenby Acupuncture, you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. Treatments are available for a wide variety of health concerns. If you aren’t sure if your particular concern would be helped by acupuncture and/or Chinese medicine, please get in touch and have a chat about your personal health requirements.

Kim’s areas of special interest include infertility, pregnancy care, and mental health. With over 9 years of experience as an acupuncturist, Kim has also successfully treated a wide variety of conditions, some common, and some quite rare.


Acupuncture for infertility is widely accepted these days, with Kim regularly working together with IVF doctors in the St Leonards area to help women conceive. Many of Kim’s patients choose only to use acupuncture and herbal/nutritional medicine to address their fertility concerns, however many also use acupuncture to complement their IVF treatments, which is encouraged by most IVF doctors. Kim is well versed in the latest research related to infertility, and is also experienced in Basal Body Temperature charting, which can help define the causes of infertility.


Pregnancy Care

Due to Kim’s success in the field of infertility, she also treats a lot of women during pregnancy. Acupuncture is considered safe during pregnancy when administered by a qualified acupuncturist who specialises in this field. Most of Kim’s patients continue to see her weekly for the first trimester of their pregnancy to encourage a healthy and secure pregnancy, and some continue to have acupuncture throughout the whole pregnancy to support energy levels, support foetal growth, and address any pregnancy related pains or conditions. Commonly seen pregnancy conditions include breech presentation, labour induction, and fluid retention/swelling.

Mental Health

In today’s stressful modern life, Kim has taken a particular interest in helping people to manage their mental health as well as their physical wellbeing. If you are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, hormonal mood swings, bi polar disorder, etc, then natural medicine has many great options to help you feel better. Kim will work with you to help you feel the best you have felt in years, by utilising the highest grade supplements and individualised acupuncture treatments.

General Wellbeing

Perhaps your sleep could be better, you’re a bit overworked and rundown, or maybe you just don’t feel as good as you know you can? Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine could be a great choice for you. We will aim to rebalance your meridians to help your body function at it’s peak. Great sleep, less stress, good digestion, and lots of energy can be your reality!