When you get diagnosed with Gallstones it can be a real shock, especially when the doctor starts throwing around words like “Gallbladder removal” and “surgery”.

In many cases though, this is totally unnecessary. Gallstones can be treated very effectively with Chinese herbal medicine. You can also prevent them with regular acupuncture, but today we’ll focus on the treatment protocols.

Initially, you’re probably wondering why you got Gallstones in the first place. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the Gallbladder has a very strong relationship with the Liver. As my patients will all know, the Liver tends to relate to stress and tension. When we are excessively stressed, the Liver and Gallbladder channels can become stagnant, which can also lead to too much heat in the channel. When you couple that with a poor diet of greasy foods (let’s face it, we don’t eat well when stressed), you end up with Damp Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder. This is Chinese medicine terminology that basically means an imbalance that can cause Gallstones (however not all cases lead to Gallstones, but there will be symptoms and signs of imbalance to indicate this condition).

The Chinese medicine treatment will involve a herbal formula the clears Damp-Heat from the Liver and Gallbladder, and promotes the smooth flow of Qi (i.e. reduces stress). The main formula used is called Long Dan Xie Gan Tang.


  • Long Dan Cao
  • Huang Qin
  • Zhi Zi
  • Chuan Mu Tong
  • Che Qian Zi
  • Ze Xie
  • Chai Hu
  • Sheng Di Huang
  • Dang Gui
  • Gan Cao

I also like to include a very special extra herb called Jin Qian Cao. It is a sweet herb that enters the acupuncture channels of the Gallbladder, Liver, Kidney and Bladder. This makes it effective against stones in both the Gallbladder and Kidneys. It has the functions of promoting urination, clearing damp-heat, unblocking stones, and clearing Liver and Gallbladder Damp Heat. We call it an “empirical herb for stones” because it’s just so incredibly effective at removing stones.

With the above formula, I have seen patient’s stones rapidly reduce in size, eliminating the need for surgery.

If you know someone with Gallstones or Kidney stones, forward this article on to them so they can learn that there’s a much easier treatment option available to them than surgery.

NB. Herbal medicine should always be prescribed by a qualified herbalist to ensure safety. Just because you can find the above formula online doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to take. Please make an appointment first to ensure you are receiving the correct treatment. You can check if your herbalist is qualified by looking them up on the AHPRA website for Australian practitioners. International patients should refer to their equivalent regulating authority.